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Nicole Van Treese

Founder & Broker Associate

Alex D.
Janice A.
Paul P.
Juan C.
Cindy & Steve A.
Susan & David D.
Angel I.
Tina C.
Dean L.
Jason & Mary T.
Kevin W.
Margareth & Claudius
Natalie S.
Marilyn D
Hector & Becky D.
Wayne & Patricia M.
Viviana F.
Karen F.
Steve O.
Lisa A.
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Dominica B.
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Samuel J.
Bob S.
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Mike C.
What My Clients Say
Nicole was recommended to us by a family member, and she was great! The process was easy, smooth, and fast. She had our home sold in less than ten days with an offer that was above asking price! Could not be happier! Would recommend Nicole to friends and family 🙂

— Alex D.

What My Clients Say
Nicole Van Treese stood out to us because right from the beginning, she was friendly, knowledgeable and always protected our well being when it came to buying a house. As a first time buyer, we needed someone like her to guide us and show us the process. She also helped in so many ways and we are glad that we got to work with her and her team. We recommend Nicole Van Treese because they go above and beyo...

— Janice A.

What My Clients Say
From our first contact when Nicole Van Treese called me to introduce herself. From that point Nicole expertly priced my home based on the local market and provided invaluable advice to me on how to get my house ready for sale. My house went live and I received multiple good offers in less than a week. She went through the offers with me explaining the pros and cons of each and made it very easy for me to...

— Paul P.

What My Clients Say
Nicole was very knowledgeable in all aspects and processes of the sale of our home. Her reputation amongst her fellow Agents proceeded her. Nicole was simply a pleasure to work with and her support was simply outstanding. Nicole will be requested in the near future to support us during the purchase of our new home. Thanks Nicole, I have purchased and sold seven properties in my lifetime and you were”by f...

— Juan C.

What My Clients Say
We Highly Recommend Nicole! We Really Appreciate Nicole and her Expertise in helping us with the sale of our home!! Nicole was Very Helpful, Professional and she stays on top of everything concerning the sale of our home!! Nicole was Always available when we had questions, and she would walk us through the process patiently. Nicole Is So Fantastic and does her job very efficiently!! Nicole and her assist...

— Cindy & Steve A.

What My Clients Say
Nicole Van Treese is the best agent I have ever worked with. From the professional photos and video she had shot, all the way through to the close we could not have asked for more. She was supportive and not only brought us our buyer, but got us 5K above ask! I was really impressed with the level of service as the property was a 170,000 sale ( we did set the new comp for this building . The last highest ...

— Susan & David D.

What My Clients Say
Nicole Van Treese communication skills are excellent. I would recommend Nicole Van Treese to my family and friends because she is bilingual so she can help people explain the process in English or Spanish.

— Angel I.

What My Clients Say
Nicole and team are AMAZING…..DO NOT go with anyone else, she/they will sell your home as professionals, friends, and quickly too. I still keep in touch as she cares about my new endeavors. You will hit the jackpot using her and her team!

— Tina C.

What My Clients Say
My agent Nicole was up front about everything. Using her knowledge of the area and current trends affecting the market, she was able to guide us in the sale of our home. She suggested crucial repairs as well as subtle curb appeal enhancements that brought us several offers. She treated us like family, giving us encouragement when an offer fell through. I have recommended her to several friends who intend...

— David

What My Clients Say
Nicole was excellent! From the very beginning she walked us through the process, handled all of the contractors, guided us wisely based on her extensive knowledge, and ultimately sold our home at way above asking. I would highly recommend Nicole for real estate transactions to anyone!

— Dean L.

What My Clients Say
Nicole Van Treese is a hardworking, knowledgeable, and effective agent. I have bought and sold several properties with Nicole, and she has always exceeded my expectations and consistently earns our business; this includes transactions where Nicole has represented both us as the seller, and acted as the buyers agent. You should have no reservations in hiring Nicole Van Treese to list your property or loca...

— Jason & Mary T.

What My Clients Say
Nicole is our top pick for integrity and professionalism. Her extensive knowledge and experience steered us through a.complex situation to success. At closing, Nicole presented us with a most beautiful gift to conclude an excellent home sale experience.

— Kevin W.

What My Clients Say
Working with Nicole Van Treese was a wonderful experience. I was referred to her by my brother. I know I made an excellent choice after choosing Nicole. Not only does she go the distance to meet our needs, Nicole Van Treese, is kind and communicates openly. I wanted to sell my home for what I knew it was worth; her marketing abilities allowed me to do that. Nicole was open and flexible in working with us...

— Margareth & Claudius

What My Clients Say
Nicole did an excellent job selling two homes for us this year. We nearly lost the same due to a pandemic related issue and we are grateful that Nicole was able to save the deal so that we could move forward with our new home plans.

— Melissa

What My Clients Say
Nicole is the best Realtor® I have ever worked with!! She is extremely knowledgeable and professional. She worked diligently to get the property sold for the very best price. She demonstrated integrity, honesty and respect throughout the entire process. I am so incredibly thankful she was on my side!

— Natalie S.

What My Clients Say
Nicole was wonderful. Would highly recommend her to anyone looking to sell their home.

— Marilyn D

What My Clients Say
Had an awesome experience Nicole Van Treese. She assisted in every way above and beyond for every property we looked at, made the process easy all the way through to closing and assisted with local knowledge that saved us a lot of time and money. Highly recommend it and will be using it again in the near future.

— Hector & Becky D.

What My Clients Say
We would highly recommend Nicole as she provided an excellent, professional service. Although we do not live in the country and did not meet her in person, she gained our trust very quickly with how she dealt with the sale of our property. Nicole made sure the house was inviting and ready for potential buyers. Nicole did not cut corners or try to make us accept deals which would not have benefited us. We...

— Wayne & Patricia M.

What My Clients Say
I called Ideal Agents and after chatting with Jason he knew Nicole would be the best! Thanks to them for leading me to your Realtor®! Nicole is an outstanding Realtor®! Her energy, knowledge, experience and great personality made an immediate sale! I was very overwhelmed with the move and she turned it around and made this a smooth transition for me, and all was so quick I was amazed! My congratulations ...

— Viviana F.

What My Clients Say
Sold in record time! I really appreciated her expertise in marketing the home. We signed the listing agreement and in less than one week had multiple offers on the property. It just doesn’t get much better than that! I really appreciated her expertise in marketing the home. She said we would get multiple offers and she was right! Full price cash sale – unbelievable! Her timeliness and expertise go along ...

— Karen F.

What My Clients Say
After talking with Nicole for only a few minutes, I knew she was the right agent. Very pleasant and easy to talk with. Not only that, she was very experienced with the area and answered all my questions without hesitation. I couldn’t have asked for a better match! Absolutely everything was handled professionally. Even though this was the largest sales transaction I’ve ever had, it was also the smoothest ...

— Steve O.

What My Clients Say
Excellent knowledge of the market and strategy of listing. Nicole knows her stuff and I was very thankful how everything was handled. I would recommend her in a heartbeat!

— Lisa A.

What My Clients Say
Nicole was referred to me by a cousin of mine who is also a professional Realtor®. I have now used Nicole three separate times as my exclusive go-to Realtor®, and all of those times have been within the last three years. Simply put, Nicole is absolutely the best . I would have found that out after my first experience with her and would not have used her further . This however was never going to be my cas...

— Stephen M.

What My Clients Say
I needed help with inspection requests and Nicole found a great solution. The buyer and I were very happy. Nicole is the best! She is always prompt to help and get things done. She has lots of knowledge and finds solutions ASAP. I will always recommend her.

— Daniela

What My Clients Say
Nicole was wonderful to work with. We trusted her completely. We knew she had our best interest at heart and worked hard to sell our home during the pandemic. We recommend Nicole wholeheartedly.

— Laurie & Tim H.

What My Clients Say
Nicole From the First conversation we had she listened she didn’t sell herself she listen to every aspect and all the needs I had and she came up with an action plan that wasn’t a cookie cutter plan it works specifically from my family and my family’s needs. I appreciate not only her professionalism She’s friendly she’s prompt and she’s very personal she knows her business and she does it well she can us...

— Dominica B.

What My Clients Say
Nicole Van Treese from the first conversation listed and made a plan that was personal to only us. It wasn’t a cookie cutter experience or selling us on why we needed to choose her. Nicole action spoke about what our experience would be. We are going to sell our final home with her in a few weeks and I know it will be handled and sold fast. She could use me as a reference for any person that had concerns...

— Dominica B.

What My Clients Say
Nicole is the best Realtor® we’ve ever worked with and she has such an extensive knowledge base which made me feel so comfortable throughout the entire process. Nicole is our Realtor® that became and friend

— Jennifer

What My Clients Say
Nicole Van Treese is a fantastic Realtor®, negotiator, and a wonderful person. She shielded us from stress by anticipating potential speed bumps and by resolving issues before relaying the outcome to us. She worked diligently and tirelessly keeping everything in order while getting us top dollar. Nicole is absolutely a high-valued top-notch Realtor® with integrity.

— Christina S.

What My Clients Say
Nicole is exactly the person we needed to help us. When you purchase a house and you live in a completely different state- it’s important to have a great relationship with your Realtor®. We are fortunate to have found her.

— Samantha

What My Clients Say
What can I say besides I wish I had another house to sell?! The whole experience from start to finish was above and beyond my expectations. The recommendations Nicole made to prep the house for market were spot on. The marketing plan was comprehensive and first class. The service and communication was exemplary. Six days from listing to contract. Many thanks for the amazing job well done! I will definite...

— Heith H.

What My Clients Say
When we first decided to list our house, we were anticipating a very stressful time. This was our first home sale. Nicole knocked it out of the park though and kept us at ease the entire time. She understood how we operate and what our goals were and she ran with it. Far exceeded our original goals when we decided to sell.

— Bret & Kendra

What My Clients Say
Nicole knows the area and had strong knowledge of sales and negotiation.

— Kathryn T.

What My Clients Say
Nicole did an outstanding job. Nicole was friendly, not over being, listened to our concerns and needs and went to work to accomplish the task of selling our home. Her knowledge of the area and willingness to go the extra mile was crucial in the sale of our home in less than a week at above asking price. All aspects of sale were handled in a professional friendly manner. Nicole Van Treese was the consumm...

— Robert H.

What My Clients Say
Nicole sold my home for a great price and successfully resolved a major issue with my closing, I am grateful!

— Melissa E.

What My Clients Say
Thank you Nicole and your team for making this sale possible.

— Ann O.

What My Clients Say
If you have the opportunity to work with Nicole Van Treese, I would highly recommend her. Not only did she get our house sold within the first couple of weeks, she was there through the entire process. She was on top of everything, inspection, appraisal and closing. She is a great Realtor®.

— Angela R.

What My Clients Say
Working with Nicole Van Treese was a pleasure. After our initial meeting, I was confident that I made the right choice. She knew the area, she knew what price to ask, and the recommendations she made were excellent. The advertising exceeded my expectations and I feel quicken the sale of the property. The communications with her and her staff could not have been better. She also furnished me contractors n...

— Denis P.

What My Clients Say
I had the pleasure of meeting Nicole, a long time friend of mine. I am so very happy that I had that pleasure, as she was a fantastic Realtor® for us. My father, who is a veteran, recently suffered double amputations and we had to move him out of his home. Nicole and her team carefully and thoughtfully helped us through that process and were able to sell his home in a timely manner. I would 1000% use Nic...

— Ainsley P.

What My Clients Say
NICOLE guided us through the sales process. She was very knowledgeable about the offers that we received and always had our best interest in mind when considering which offers to consider.

— Rachel

What My Clients Say
We sold and purchased our homes on the same day. NICOLE was there every step of the way and guided us through the process like the professional that she is.

— Rachel L.

What My Clients Say
I love Nicole. She helped me buy and sell my house in Orlando and she has the most knowledge of any Realtor® I’ve ever spoken to. I trust Nicole to give me the most effective and up to date information. Her staff went above and beyond, making sure non-house related things were taken care of as well since I had already moved.

— Lillie F.

What My Clients Say
I worked with Nicole back in 2012 when we bought the house and knew we would stay with her when it was time to sell it. And plan on using her again when we buy another home Everything went smoothly and was very professional and we also worked with her administrative assistant Estefania and she was awesome and very proficient and was on the ball as was Nicole. She is the absolute best!!! Worked with her a...

— Deanna M.

What My Clients Say
Nicole Van Treese was wonderful to work with. After we chose our home to buy, Nicole worked diligently to sell our condo. She was able to sell our condo quickly and got multiple offers on it. That allowed us to have a 2nd buyer quickly after the 1st deal fell through. Nicole worked diligently and quickly for us to be able to close on selling our property and buying our new home at the same time. She was ...

— Marie & Edward A.

What My Clients Say
As we do not live in America, sales agent selection was very important for us. We needed someone who was an all round star performer and communicator – and we found that in Nicole. Nicole was in touch with us throughout the listing and sales process letting us know exactly where things were up to. There were also tenants for her to negotiate with when arranging photos and inspections – which she undertoo...

— Jenny M.

What My Clients Say
Nicole is an all rounder. She draws on her extensive background – not only in Real Estate, but from previous work roles and life itself – to bring about a stress free sales experience for her clients. She understands people and connects with them on multiple levels. Communication skills and the development of rapport are strengths Nicole has. As international buyers/investors it was imperative for us to ...

— Stephen M.

What My Clients Say
Nicole Van Treese was very helpful in getting this deal done. It took a long time because of a difficult buyer. At times, I wanted to avoid the whole process. However, she encouraged me to hang in there and kept working hard to close on the house. Thank you Nicole.

— Samuel J.

What My Clients Say
Nicole was very engaged in the entire process of selling mom’s house. Selling a house you lived in for over 50 years is difficult. Nicole made the entire process smooth, seamless and very helpful every step of the way. With excellent guidance. She works 24/7, and is always reachable. I highly recommend Nicole as your sales partner.

— Bob S.

What My Clients Say
As a first-time home seller, I had no idea how the process worked. Nicole Van Treese led me through the process as a top professional. She was a true superstar. I would recommend her to anyone looking to sell a home. Top price … top advice!

— Dean T.

What My Clients Say
From the beginning Nicol made me feel at ease. She explained everything in detail so that I felt knowledgeable of the situation. I trusted her!

— Mike C.

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